WGF corner (1)Thanks to the generous support of the Wenner-Gren Foundation, grants are available to delegates to help them attend the EAA 22nd Annual Meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania.
It is our pleasure to inform you that all delegates in need, disregarding their country of work / residence, are eligible to apply for a grant. Delegates from the host country (Lithuania) are unfortunately not eligible for a grant.
Applicants must be members of the EAA at the time of application. They must supply all required information and reply to messages from the EAA Secretariat and/or the local organisers within the set deadlines. Applicants must have a social anthropological education (Wenner Gren Grant criteria).

To be considered for a grant, participants must conform to the following criteria:
1. Grants can be used only to cover costs incurred during the eligible period (max. 5 days + travel).
2. Only session organisers or delegates who have had papers or posters accepted are eligible to apply.
3. Priority is given to those who have not had a recent grant (last 5 meetings checked).
4. A single paper or poster can receive only one grant (in the case of joint papers, it is possible to share a grant).
5. The grant only covers accommodation and/or travel and/or the conference fee. Lunches, the Closing Dinner, excursions, membership fees, pocket money and other costs are excluded from the calculation.
6. Grants will vary; they will cover reasonable and eligible expenses, bearing in mind the applicant’s own contribution and available funds.
7. All grantees are encouraged to take accommodation in double occupancy (shared) rooms.
8. Applicants need to be able to advance the money, as grants will be paid in cash at the meeting.

The closing date for submission of grant applications is 1 June 2016. Applications received after that date will not be considered.


Please address your application (using the provided form) to the EAA Secretariat at administrator@e-a-a.org. Since the form is devised to collect your information automatically, in order to submit the form, please use the “send form” button at top right – you can then send it either directly through an e-mail client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) or save it to your computer and send through web mail (e.g. gmail).

If you need assistance, please contact administrator@e-a-a.org.

Grantees who in the event fail to participate in the meeting without good reason and without informing us, or fail to fulfill the criteria (paper, poster presentation) will be excluded from applying for WG grants in the future.