By plane

Lithuania has three international airports in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga (close to Klaipėda, the seaport), which can be reached from the main European cities, as well as, from all over the world.

For assistance with flight tickets you may contact:

Vilnius international airport  

The airport is located in the south of Vilnius. It is only 7 km or 15 minutes drive by car from the center of the capital. For more detailed information about the services provided at the airport see

Getting to the city center from the airport:

By bus

Runs every 40-50 minutes. First bus leaves from the airport at 05:49AM, the last one at 22:23PM;
Runs every 8-10 minutes. First bus leaves from the airport a 05:22 AM, the last one leaves at 23:11 PM;

Runs every16-17 minutes. First bus leaves from the airport a 05:16 AM, the last one leaves at 01:39 PM.

Airport Express
Minibus route: from the airport to the bus station, every 40 min. depends on the flight schedule (from 7:40 to 22:40). Ticket can be bought on the minibus. Timetable

By train
Distance from the airport to Vilnius Railway station is about 5 km, the journey takes up to 8 minutes. Trains run approximately every 40 minutes. The schedule can be found at Tickets can be purchased on the train or at Vilnius Railway Station.

By taxi
Next to the airport there is a taxi rank. There are always plenty of taxis there. You can also call a taxi by phone or to book a taxi at Vilnius Tourist Information Centre (Airport Arrival Hall). Taxi booking and information The taxi fare is from 1 EUR per kilometre in the city. Do not get surprised if you are charged a taxi fare (1 EUR) for getting on a taxi. More information about taxi and taxi booking  online , ,

Kaunas international airport

Kaunas Airport is situated in Karmėlava, 14 km away from Kaunas, 100 km from Vilnius. For more detailed information about the services provided at the airport see

Getting to Vilnius from the Kaunas airport:

By bus
Express bus service runs from Kaunas Airport to Vilnius. Bus stop at Kaunas Airport is just in front of the passenger terminal. Bus schedule is coordinated with Ryanair flight schedule and serves every flight. You can get tickets at

Palanga international airport

For more detailed information about the services provided at the airport see:

By train

Vilnius has a reasonable choice of direct rail links between Belarus, Kaliningrad, Latvia, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. Routes and schedules are available at Vilnius Railway Station, like the Bus Station, is situated not far from the Old Town of Vilnius. You will get to the Old Town in ten minutes on foot going straight ahead down the hill. The city centre can be reached by trolleybuses No. 1, 2, 7, 20 and buses No. 1G, 53. Taxis are parked up in a number of places nearby.

By bus

There is a choice of international bus lines connecting Vilnius with other European cities. Buses are the cheapest but least comfortable method of reaching Vilnius. There are direct buses to the capital city from many European countries. Routes and schedules are available at and The city’s bus station is centrally located. It is only a five-minute walk distance to the main train station and ten minutes to the Old Town. Public transport can be found in the immediate area. The city center can be reached by trolleybuses No. 1, 2, 7, 20 and buses No. 1G, 53. Taxis are parked up in a number of places near the station.

By car

Vilnius can be reached by using the following routes:

  • Vilnius – Kaunas – Klaipėda, highway A1 (E67, E85, E28)
  • Vilnius – Ukmergė – Panevėžys, highway A2 (E272)
  • Vilnius – Minsk, highway A3 (E28)
  • Vilnius – Varėna – Grodno, highway A4
  • Vilnius – Utena, highway A14

Speed limits for motorcars on highways from 1 April to 31 October is 130 km/h, from 1 November to 31 March -110 km/h. On roads with asphalt or concrete pavement the speed limit is 90 km/h, on other roads the speed limit is 70 km/h. The speed limit for cars in built-up areas is 50 km/h.

Road Traffic Regulations. Traffic drives on the right side of the road in Lithuania. Summer tyres must be used between 1 April and 10 November, and winter tyres between 10 November and 1 April. During the daytime, drivers of motor vehicles and motorbikes must drive with dipped headlights.

Parking in Vilnius. The largest guarded parking lots are located in the center of the city you can find here: Underground parking lot under Gediminas Avenue 9A. Drive in from Vilniaus Street. Convenient exits to the center of the city. Open 24 hours, parking for 262 cars. Multi-storied car parking lot in Tilto Street 14. Open 24 hours. Parking for 117 cars. In these parking lots have video surveillance cameras. Special places and lifts are installed for the disabled people. Parking T. Kosciuškos Street 1A. Car parking and 26 places for buses. A car can be left in the streets of Vilnius. Parking is paid. You can pay at the nearest parking meter. The size of the parking charge depends on what zone of the city you parked your car in. More information

Getting around Vilnius

Public transport – buses and trolley buses

Vilnius trolley buses and buses start running at 5 in the morning and stop at midnight. For bus timetables visit There is available E-Ticket (Electronic ticket, “Vilniečio kortelė”). Vilniečio kortelė is credited with an appropriate amount of money and/or the selected public transport tickets. With a valid ticket in the card, properly activated on board of public vehicle, if necessary, it is possible to change the public transport for free and for unlimited number of journeys. Then you came to Vilnius for a short visit, you can buy a one-, three- or ten-days ticket. For more information visit There is an option to buy ticket from the driver of public vehicle. It costs 1 EUR. This ticket is valid till the last stop of the route. For more information visit

Bus number 88 is convenient for Vilnius citizens and city guests. The route starts at the airport, goes to the city center and the Old Town. The last stop is at the airport. You can check the timetable: You can Download the route map here.


Cyclocity Vilnius is a self-service bike rental system, open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. With 37 stations and around 300 bikes, it enables you to travel through the city center, commute between hotel and conference place and enjoy Vilnius city The first 30 minutes of use is free on every bike. After this first half-hour, a service charge applies. All terminals accept a Cyclocity Vilnius  Card, Vilnius Public Transport Card. You can also use bike self-service system with Vilnius City Card.