Although Vilnius is tiny compared to most other European capitals, there are still lots of things to see and do.
Vilnius is a city of culture. There are many museums, art galleries, churches and other famous buildings and sightseeing points offering interesting and original displays in the Old Town, which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Diverse neighbourhoods will take you through the centuries, green parks will help you relax and provide outdoor activities.
Below you can find a list of propositions of museums, art galleries, famous buildings, parks, recreation places and activities.

Food and drink

Lithuanian Cuisine

Exclusive characteristic of Lithuanian cuisine is a number of dishes made of potatoes. The most popular one is zeppelins – large boiled and grated potato dumplings stuffed with meat or curd. Other traditional potato dishes include a variety of potato dumplings (kugels), potato pancakes (sometimes with meat fillings). Perhaps the most exotic Lithuanian dish is a potato sausage called vėdarai, i.e. pig guts stuffed with grated potatoes, baked in the stove or oven.
In many Lithuanian restaurants you can taste kybyns that come from the Karaite cuisine. Soused or salted herring with boiled potatoes, various curd or fermented cheeses, hot or cold smoked hams and sausages are offered as appetizers.
Soups are also favourites in Lithuania. They are cooked from vegetables, meat, poultry and even beer. One of the most interesting Lithuanian soups is cold red-beet soup made of beets, sour milk, herbs and eggs (šaltibarščiai). It is served cold and has a rich pink colour.

Some places where you can try out Lithuanian dishes:
Forto dvaras
Bernelių užeiga
Marceliukės klėtis

Traditional drinks

Traditional Lithuanian drinks are kvass, jelly-like drink (kisielius), beer various bitters and mead.
In ancient times kvass (gira) used to be made not only of bread, as usual these days, but of various berries, fruits, flowers, buds, saps, juices, etc. Another Lithuanian soft drink is jelly-like drink, usually made of cranberries (also gooseberries or raspberries), starch and sugar (kisielius).
Lithuania is known as a beer-loving country. Currently Lithuania has over 90 large and small breweries that produce light/dark, soft/strong beers.
Since ancient times, a bitter “Trejos devynerios”, made of 26 herbs, is still extant. It was used not only as a beverage but also as a universal remedy for cold, joint diseases, wound treatment and body toning. The ancient Lithuanian liquor “Krupnikas” made of honey and spices is still produced and it is the only liquor that should be heated before being served.

Some places where you can try out Lithuanian beer:
Alaus namai
Prie katedros

Other than traditional cuisine

Vilnius is home to a wide variety of cafes and restaurants serving all manner of international cuisines. Today Vilnius is a good representation of gastronomic trends that can be spotted worldwide with new restaurants, independent coffee shops and bars opening up, that stand out with refined concepts, thought through menus and interesting interiors. Modern seasonal dishes, gourmet street food, mouth-watering desserts, locally roasted coffee or craft beers from all over the world – you can get it all here.