Venue for The Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception

NATIONAL MUSEUM – The Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania

The reconstructed Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, the former political, diplomatic, cultural center of the State was one of the most famous in Europe in 15th-17th centuries and was demolished in the beginning of the 19th century.

The reconstructed Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania shows the historical and architectural development of the Palace by highlighting the ancient ruins still in place and the excavated artifacts as well as by using models and iconographic materials. The archaeological collections (about 300.000 objects) are trully impressive and make up the bulk of the Museum‘s collections. The ceremonial halls have been reconstructed in such a way as to show the evolution of architectural styles – from the late Gothic to the Renaissance and the early Baroque.

1437936999_home  Katedros a. 4, Vilnius  / 31 August, 2016  /  18.00 – 22.00  / Free entry with badge or invitation

Venue for Scientific programme, reception, publishing posters, bookshops and etc.

VILNIUS UNIVERSITY – Faculties of History, Philology and Philosofy

Vilnius University is a classical university with over 430 years of academic traditions and the widest range of study programmes in Lithuania. Founded in 1579, Vilnius University is one of the oldest and most famous establishments of higher education in Eastern and Central Europe. Although being away from other European cultural centers, the University equaled other famous European Universities and had outstanding professors and students. It was preserver of cultural and scietific traditions and has played a significant part in cultural life not only in Lithuania but the neighboring countries as well.

The design forms of architecture of Vilnius University ensemble are reflective of the major styles – Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism – which dominated Lithuanian architecture. At present the University architectural ensemble is composed of 13 courtyards with 13 buildings each consisting of several blocks, as well as the Church of St. John and belfry. Old campus houses Rector‘s Office, Library, Institute of Foreign Languages and Faculties of History, Philology and Philosofy.

Interactive map of Vilnius University campus ensamble

1437936999_home  Universiteto str. 5, 7, 9, Vilnius  /  1-3 September, 2016  /  9.00-19.00  /  Entry with badge or invitation

Venue for EAA Annual Party

Concert Hall „VAKARIS“

Modern concert hall “Vakaris” is a perfect place for celebrations.
Hall’s location in Vilnius city center is only a 10-minute walk from the Vilnius University!

1437936999_home  A. Stulginskio str. 8, Vilnius  /  1st September, 2016 / 20.00-04.00  /  Free entry with badge or invitation

Venue for EAA Annual Dinner


A luxury country estate set within 395 acres of magnificent sprawling forest and lake scenery. Its peaceful location provides a carefree getaway while remaining just 20 minutes from the buzz of central Vilnius.
Surrounded by lakes and pine and birch forests, the resort is as peaceful as it is beautiful – a fitting choice for a relaxing getaway in Lithuania.

1437936999_home  Ezeraiciu str. 2, Ezeraiciai, Vilnius dist.  /  3rd September, 2016  /  19.00-24.00  / Ticketed event

Venue for the Opening ceremony of archaeological exhibition

The Bastion of the Vilnius Defensive Wall

This is part of the Vilnius Defensive Wall, often called “barbican”. The Bastion is a Renaissance-style fortification characterised by its original construction. It consists of a tower installed in the city defence wall, underground gun ports and a connecting corridor, which turns into a 48-metre long tunnel. The Bastion was built in the first half of the 17th century by the German military engineer, Friedrich Getkant. The Bastion was severely damaged during the wars with Moscow in the middle of the 17th century. During World Wars I and II, German military arsenals were located in the building. You can enjoy a picturesque view of the Old Town from the Bastion terrace.

1437936999_home  Bokšto Str. 20/18, Vilnius  /  1st September, 2016  / 19.00-21.00  /  Free entry with badge or invitation

Venue for MERC Party


Vilnius has an excellent variety of bars and pubs in the Old Town, the heart of the city.  Make sure you have a great time!

1437936999_home  A. Vienuolio str. 4, Vilnius  /  2nd September, 2016  /  19.00-02.00  /  Ticketed event