Treetop Walking Path


Date: Tuesday 30 August; Sunday 04 September 2016
Duration: 8 h
Transport: Coach, walking
Departure: 9 AM, Daukantas (Presidential) square in front of Vilnius University
Cost per person: 70 Eur
Minimal number of people: This tour operates with a minimum of 12

Important information: please note that the tour involves a reasonable amount of walking around the mounds. Most of the route is relatively flat or on a slight incline.

The tour will take us to Ukmergė Old Town and hillfort of the 14th century castle. The tour will continue to Anykščiai region, where valuable natural and cultural heritage of North Eastern Aukštaitija (Highlands) will be presented in the Anykščiai Regional Park. The tour will include a visit to the most explored hillfort in Lithuania – Šeimyniškėliai Hillfort. Archaeological, historical and linguistic data claim that in the past there might have stood the Castle Voruta.

Afterwards the tour will take us to the Liudiškiai Hillfort, Bijeikiai Hillfort and observation deck, revealing spectacular prospect of the lakes Rubikiai and Dusynas, will be visited as well.

The tour includes a visit to Burbiškis Manor. It is the elegant palace, an architectural neoclassical era monument of the 19th century. After lunch the tour will continue to the Landscape Reserve of the Forest of Anykščiai, where lays the second biggest boulder in Lithuania called Puntukas Boulder. We will visit a unique Treetop Walking Path too.


  • Ukmergė Old Town and Hillfort
  • Šeimyniškėliai Hillfort
  • Liudiškiai Hillfort
  • Bijeikiai Hillfort
  • Lunch
  • Burbiškis Manor
  • Anykščiai Treetop Walking Path