Date: Tuesday 30 August; Sunday 04 September 2016
Duration: 8 h
Transport: Coach, walking
Departure: 9 AM, Daukantas (Presidential) square in front of Vilnius University
Cost per person: 72 Eur
Minimal number of people: This tour operates with a minimum of 12

Important information: please note that the tour involves a reasonable amount of walking around the mounds. Most of the route is relatively flat or on a slight incline.

At first we will visit geographical centre of Europe. According to the research of the French National Geographic Institute in 1989, the one and only geographical centre of Europe is in Lithuania, a fact that has even won recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records. You will get a special Certificate that you have visited the Geographical centre of Europe. Next to the geographical centre of Europe is the Bernotai Hillfort. It is famous for its defensive importance in the beginning of the first Millennium and later in the 14th Century.

Afterwards the tour will continue to Dubingiai, located on the shore of the longest lake in Lithuania – Asveja. Dubingiai 19th century wooden inn presents the exhibition of the archaeological heritage of Asveja Lake. The tour will include visiting the Dubingiai Castle site with excavated ruins of the castle – the area of scholarly investigations, including one of the most significant archaeological finds in recent years in Lithuania—the discovery of the Radvila (Radziwill) family burial.

Afterwards the tour will continue to the Lake Luokesas. Lake Luokesas has become the centre of attention in northern European wetland archaeological research after the discovery of two Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age pile dwellings. The tour will also include a visit in Vidėniškės with its Augustine Monastery-Museum, Liesėnai Hillfort.

The tour will continue to Lithuanian Museum of Ethno-Cosmology. The essence of the museum is the relationship of a man and mankind with the Cosmic World. Afterwards, we will visit the old ethnographic farmstead and an ancient Observatory of celestial bodies.


  • Europe Geographic Centre
  • Dubingiai Castle Site
  • Lunch
  • Vidėniškės with its Augustine Monastery-Museum
  • Liesėnai Hillfort
  • Lithuanian Museum of Ethno-Cosmology
  • Old Ethnographic Farmstead