Annual Meeting of the Working Group ‘Archaeology and Gender in Europe (AGE)’

August 31, 2016
Vilnius University, Faculty of History, Room 214

Doris Gutsmiedl-Schümann (Germany), Nona Palincaș (Romania), Nancy Wicker (USA)

This meeting is organized annually in order to provide a frame where AGE members can discuss in a face-to-face manner. While some of these issues concern only AGE members, others are of larger interest, and EAA members who are interested in the work of AGE are welcome to participate in this meeting!

The topics concerning AGE members are mainly:

  • election / presentation of the newly elected co-chair;
  • updates on the new AGE statutes/terms of reference
  • briefing on the state of publication of previous AGE sessions;
  • other issues as brought up by AGE members or EAA members attending the meeting.

Topics of larger interest, which could benefit from input from non-AGE members:

  • suggestions for the theme of the next AGE session to be held in the next EAA Conference in Maastricht;
  • suggestions for the following AGE sessions to be held in 2018;
  • strategies to make gender more present in non-gender focused archaeological investigations.
  • strategies to attract new members.

About us:

AGE addresses the study of gender arrangements in the past and in the present, as well as how contemporary gender arrangements affect archaeology as an academic and professional practice. The main aim of this working group is to develop a formal and permanent European network of gender archaeology, to build a permanent forum for promoting and debating the field of gender issues within European archaeology. Currently AGE has over 60 members from all over Europe and beyond.

For further data on AGE see our website

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