3. Theoretical and methodological perspectives in archaeology (TH3)

tema 3

Humanities research perspectives on contemporary society are currently “hot topics” on the European scientific agenda. This theme seeks to examine how archaeological knowledge is used and re-used in contemporary society; how archaeological heritage is valued; how additional values are created; how archaeologists can participate in creative cultural life, activity and business. The theme seeks to define how solutions for contemporary societal challenges are promoted and supported by the role of IT based networks of knowledge in society. In that context the theme seeks to define what current questions are important for understanding the social role of archaeology.

This theme invites scientists, researchers and practitioners interested in the current and potential use of archaeology as a tool for informing positive societal change.  The theme seeks to extend beyond the archaeological sciences, examining a long list of topics. These include: the role of not-for-profit organizations and communities; issues of social engagement and exclusion; links to creative and cultural industries; social and cultural innovation; current definitions of social capital and broader economic impact; participatory culture and creative collaboration; medias and social networking; school education and interests of Y and Z generations; narratives, identities, public memory and memory institutions.  The theme  also invites archaeologists who participate in Horizon 2020 projects related to section “Europe in a changing world – Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies” and COST action “Individuals, Societies, Cultures and Health”.


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